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Yes, A Traffic Ticket Is Serious

Most drivers will receive some type of traffic ticket for infractions like speeding or running a stop sign during their life. It is so common that it is tempting to minimize how serious a traffic citation can be. But ignoring the problem doesn’t make it go away and the consequences can include losing your license, paying expensive fines and jail time. Even if you pay your fine, these violations can have longer-term effects such as points on your license that may result in license suspension down the road or in increased car insurance rates.

Other examples of traffic violations that can impact your driving record include:

  • Driving with a suspended license
  • Reckless driving
  • DUI
  • Running a red light
  • Aggressive driving

If you are faced with a traffic citation, especially if you have past violations on your record, you need the advice and representation of a lawyer. I am Brittany Trammell, founding attorney at Trammell, Smith & Associates, LLC. I will help you find the best option for dealing with your traffic violation.

Can’t I Just Pay The Ticket?

It is tempting to bite the bullet, pay the ticket and put it behind you. But in Georgia, if you pay a traffic ticket, to the legal system, that means you plead guilty, and points will be assessed on your driver’s license. In Georgia, any driver who accumulates 15 points in a 24-month period will have their license suspended. As an example, under Georgia’s Super Speeder Law, going 34 miles per hour or more over the speed limit adds six points to your license. I will address these concerns and provide a strategy to minimize the impact of your violation.

Under 21 Traffic Violations

Those between the ages of 17 and 21 face increased penalties, including an automatic six-month license suspension, for certain traffic violations such as racing, speeding, reckless or aggressive driving, and DUI. In addition to license suspension, penalties can include probation, fines, community service and even jail time. A youthful indiscretion can have a lasting effect. It may mean not getting into college or not being able to get to a job. I will work to minimize the future ramifications for my under 21 clients.

If you are facing a traffic violation, I will work on your behalf. Call me at 404-719-5823 or fill out this easy email form.